We answer in your own questions

1. How mach is going to cost me, the flowers and the decoration in my wedding day using various accessories?

The amount that wants to allocate, is fixed by you. We will help you select the form of decoration that suits you aesthetically and of course pecuniary.

2. When should I suppose to book the flower in order to select them?

This is something that depends on the event that you want to achieve. It is sure good to attend certain subjects early, that is why you have plenty time for the details that will make this unique moment of your wedding day, unforgettable.

3. If at the time we got to the church there is another wedding programmed before or even afterwards, is there going to be enough time in order to organize my wedding decoration?

My collaborators and I, after many years of experience and the good organisation that allocates, we are in capable of decorates the programmed decoration in short time. This is what precisely promise to our customers.

4. How can I have more information?                                                

The better way in order to acquire total picture of our work and services, is to communicate with us, by phone and close an appointment. In this way, we could present you our ideas.